Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

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If you’re struggling to think of the perfect gift for the women in your life, look no further. I personally love looking to gift guides when I’m drawing a blank for ideas, so I thought why not create my own this year. These are gifts that I would typically give to my mum or my friends, or that I’d receive myself, and they’re gifts that I really love. There’s something for all budgets, and I hope it gives you a little extra inspiration when you need it most!

Scented candles. There’s nothing better than lighting a beautifully scented candle. Whether I’m curling up with a movie, or sitting down for a day of work, I’ve got a candle burning. The scent itself is quite a personal thing to the gift recipient so if you can, try to find out their favourite fragrances, however if you’re unsure it’s normally a safe bet to choose one you’d like yourself.

Bath salts. My mum is an absolute bath addict, she’ll have one every night without fail, 365 days a year. As a result, she ploughs through bath salts and is constantly asking for them when Christmas and her birthday come around. This is such a great gift idea for the bath loving women in your life, because there’s so much choice out there. With so many different scents and styles of salt, you can give bath salts time and time again without them becoming boring!

A hamper. This is a failsafe gift, it always feels so special to receive a hamper. Food outlets such as M&S and Fortnum & Mason both offer incredible hampers for a range of budgets which include great produce and are guaranteed to put a smile on your recipient’s face. Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a more personal feel, try making your own hamper. Buy a wicker basket of your desired size and fill it with all the goodies it’ll hold.

Resistance bands. 2020 has shown us more than ever the importance of staying active, but with so many of us confined to our houses for so much of the year, we’ve had to get creative. For the gym-goers who are missing the feeling of resistance training but can’t get their hands on any weight sets, resistance bands are the next best thing to create a challenging home workout. There’s so many variations on the market now, but I’ve found the thick, fabric bands to be the best bet.

PJs. Who doesn’t like a new pair of PJs when Christmas comes around?! If you live with a partner, giving PJs means they’ve got something special to put on for Christmas morning. Think about the recipient’s personal style and shop accordingly — for anyone who loves to be cosy, try a teddy material matching set, or for those who run a little warmer, pick up some shorts decorated a with Christmas theme.

Apple watch. This one is on the more pricey end of the spectrum, but I promise it’s worth it. I bought my Apple watch (series 3) at the start of June just gone, and it’s easily the best purchase I made all year. I primarily use it to track my fitness and workouts, and it really does deliver. It’s a great way to monitor how you’re improving during workouts, and it’s subconsciously pushed me towards a more active lifestyle. I can’t recommend it enough, and for the right recipient this is a knock-out gift.

Perfume. An oldie but a goodie — never underestimate how well received perfume can be. Make sure you know the recipient’s personal scent and you’re on to a winner. Or, if you’re feeling brave branch out and get them a perfume you know they’ve never tried before — you never know, you might end up introducing them to their new favourite!

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